CALIDA Home Wear 愛自己,成為一個連你自己都愛的人

CALIDA collections has always been comfortable and the excellent quality without any fancy decoration; it is just like the care and support that my the other half brings to me. Soft bra, one set of home wear and a silk nightgown, these are my favorite piece from CALIDA’s new collection. From the inside, we explore our most pure emotion; form the outside, we experience a unique atmosphere.

德國生活 – 異鄉的新年


Treuleben – Crafted Notebook

The handmade leather calendar caught my heart due to its fine and high-quality details; the creamy paper color, thin yet sturdy paper quality that doesn’t shine through or becomes saturated by ink, coated with embossed finest leather, etc.



Gift Guide: What German Likes

I have three gift ideas that I have prepared for my family-in-law, all are affordable and good taste gifts. Because I know if someone gives me one of the gifts, I will be very glad and satisfied.