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CALIDA Home Wear 愛自己,成為一個連你自己都愛的人

CALIDA collections has always been comfortable and the excellent quality without any fancy decoration; it is just like the care and support that my the other half brings to me. Soft bra, one set of home wear and a silk nightgown, these are my favorite piece from CALIDA’s new collection. From the inside, we explore our most pure emotion; form the outside, we experience a unique atmosphere.

Products That Boost Your Winter Mood

I share with you some of my favorite products that will boost your winter mood. I hope you will like winter as I do after reading the story. 這篇文章提前在冬天正式來臨之前上線,除了讓怕冷的人也感受到我心中的暖意之外;也讓喜愛冬天的你可以提早準備這些讓寒冬更有滋味的小玩意。