Home Story – Igor Josifovic

I visited Igor’s new apartment he had just moved in before New Year. We talked about his ideas in interior design, green-living and his new home. I hope you find some interesting points after reading this article and enjoy this home story as I do. We only live once, live for ourselves.

專訪 | 男子的日常生活


Nigel Cabourn x Peak Performance

It was a pleasure to meet and interview Nigel Cabourn. I appreciate his generous personality and sincere attitude that brings me full of energy and inspire myself to work harder.
一直到現在我都還是無法相信自己竟然有機會可以採訪這樣一位傳奇人物。 Nigel Cabourn大方、不拘小節的個性與真誠待人的處事態度令人欣賞。每次面對這樣一位大人物時,總是可以給自己帶來滿滿的能量,激勵自己再更努力。

Phuong Dang Perfumes

I interviewed the artist, Phuong Dang and talked about her development in Fashion, Painting and Perfume design.

Urban Jungle – Igor Josifovic

What Urban Jungle and Igor Josifovic have inspired me was not those green plants I bought for home but realizing to enjoy beautiful and quality moments in our life. Urban Jungle這個「都市叢林」的概念以及書本作者之一Igor Josifovic所帶給我的靈感不只是驅使我買了些綠色植物放在家中,而是啟發了我好好享受生活中任一美好片刻的時光。


For the new concept of Munich guide, we visited the silversmith and goldsmith design atelier, Werkstatt:München where is near to the subway line U2, the station of Fraunhoferstraße. Please watch the video firstly to feel the atmosphere and then back to the article to read the story.