Ullnaka Dress Code 2018/SS


Berlin Vogue Salon – Let’s Walk It

The presentation of Vogue Salon is not usual as regular fashion programs; it combines different sensual experiences and presents to the visitors. It gave me a new inspiration that I would like to report the Vogue Salon with a Playlist. This Playlist is not about others, but runway show music. I hope it will bring you a fresh reading experience. 這場饗宴不只是尋常秀場上的呈現,還結合了不同感官體驗;因此給了我靈感把Vogue Salon的報導與不同類型的秀場音樂Playlist結合在一起,希望也帶給你多元的閱讀感受。

The Gallery Düsseldorf Overview

I was invited to join The Gallery Düsseldorf as a Fashion insider during the Düsseldorf Fashion week. The goal was to discover more interested Designers and Labels through my point of view. Not only to see the collection but to know the meaning or the concept of a label and to understand the story behind it. 應The Gallery Düsseldorf的邀參加Düsseldorf時裝周。此行目的是為了更深入了解有趣的設計品牌,以及品牌背後有意思的創作理念以及靈魂人物。

Paris Fashion Week SS 2015

The purpose of coming to Paris was for fashion week. However, I enjoyed it as a short trip for sightseeing. Although, I cherished all opportunities when I was able to visit the shows or showrooms to get inspired. 這趟巴黎之行,雖說是藉著時裝周之名行小旅行之實;不過身處美麗之都豈可浪費了被賞心悅目之事物包圍的機會呢?當然還是參與了看秀、拜訪設計師等的行程。

Do We Really Love Cheap Monday

Do we love Cheap Monday? Does your boyfriend, husband wear skinny jeans? What do you think about men wear skinny jeans? Sexy or too tight? Share your idea with me. I really would like to know. 我們真的都愛 Cheap Monday 嗎?你的男友或是先生也穿緊身牛仔褲嗎?你怎麼看男人穿緊身牛仔褲呢?性感還是感覺很緊呢?跟我說說你的經驗或是想法吧,我真的很想知道耶!

H&M Design Award Stockholm 2014

H&M Design Award 2014. My very first show in Stockholm during Fashion Week. I heard this design award before, but was not really into this issue, till I was ready to join Stockholm Fashion Week. H&M Design Award 2014. 這是我在斯德哥爾摩的第一場秀。H&M的設計大獎我之前已經聽聞,不過從沒有仔細研究,直到我確定要來參加時裝周,才稍稍深入了解。