Hoodie Styling Tips For Mature Ladies

In this article, I will share with you two points: “How to choose a suitable hoodie” and “Three hoodie styling tips for mature ladies.” If you like hoodies, but worry that the style is too casual, or have been bored with the general hoodie outfits; then this article may change your opinion of hoodies and fall in love with it gradually.

Munich : H FÜNF Tagesbar

Different from other coffee shops, H FÜNF Tagesbar has a touch of glamour into the details. Not only tourists visit here but also many locals. H FÜNF Tagesbar offers light food, snacks and cakes. You can enjoy the food here from breakfast until tea time. If you are here in Munich, make sure to visit this area, take one cup of coffee in the H FÜNF Tagesbar and experience the atmosphere of Munich.

How To Bring You Styling Up To Another Level

Basic and simple items sound perfect to you? ARe you actually not following trends, and only stick to your own taste? You don’t have much budget, yet still, like to look cool and stylish? Well, with my tips, this article might give you some ideas about how to styling and bring your style up to another level. 你只喜歡簡單經典的基本單品,而且並不喜歡跟隨著潮流趨勢隨便入手不實穿的衣物?或是,你是預算有限的小資女,同時希望穿著打扮看起來有型有質感,但是每個月並不打算花費太多費用在置裝上?那麼或許這篇文章裡所提供的穿搭技巧可以讓你不管是在造型拿捏、或是搭配手法上都有更多的靈感;而且只要掌握這些法則,不管哪種單品、哪種潮流都可以馬上讓我們的每日穿搭擁有更豐富的層次。

How To Style A Fur Coat For Your Daily Looks

How to style a fur coat in a stylish and Youthful way? I share with you some tips for fur items styling. 如何避免讓皮草單品穿搭看來老氣過時呢?文章裡與你分享實用的穿搭技巧唷。

Winter Loafers & Mini Handbags


Maison Héroïne Marlene Briefcase – Office Styling Tips

In this article, I will not only show you this beautiful Marlene bag and the styling I created for the shooting but also some styling tips that might help you to look good in your office look.
這篇文章不只介紹Marlene Briefcase的特性讓你了解,也與你分享不同體型的女子該如何挑選公事包款。另外,對上班族在造型打理上的需求也做出穿搭造型建議,不要錯過了這次精彩的議題內文。