How To Style A Fur Coat For Your Daily Looks

How to style a fur coat in a stylish and Youthful way? I share with you some tips for fur items styling. 如何避免讓皮草單品穿搭看來老氣過時呢?文章裡與你分享實用的穿搭技巧唷。

Winter Loafers & Mini Handbags


Maison Héroïne – Marlene Briefcase – Office Styling Tips

In this article, I will not only show you this beautiful Marlene bag and the styling I created for the shooting but also some styling tips that might help you to look good in your uniform; further, tips for you to choose a proper bag for your office outfits.

Christmas Gift Guide – For All Of Us

I prepared a Christmas Gift List for all of us; feel free to check the list and get proper presents for the people whom you love. Enjoy! I can not wait to say Merry Christmas to you all in just some weeks.

CALIDA Home Wear 愛自己,成為一個連你自己都愛的人

CALIDA collections has always been comfortable and the excellent quality without any fancy decoration; it is just like the care and support that my the other half brings to me. Soft bra, one set of home wear and a silk nightgown, these are my favorite piece from CALIDA’s new collection. From the inside, we explore our most pure emotion; form the outside, we experience a unique atmosphere.

The Velvet Issue 絲絨一事

我知道從今年秋冬開始一股濃厚的復古風又逐漸回籠站上流行前線,好比說絲絨單品。這種特別具有獨特風格的材質單品格外令我心動,不過為什麼遲遲沒有下手?最主要擔心絲絨材質容易顯胖,那就可惜了美好設計的美意。連續研究了幾個星期包含款式剪裁、顏色、還有不同穿搭的靈感我這才放心下單,從Jake*s Collection入手了第一件絲絨單品。文章分享了挑選絲絨單品的技巧以及穿搭巧思喔。