天然保養美學 – Grown Alchemist

對我來說,對於「好」保養品的定義與要求很簡單:品牌的開發理念是否符合自己的生活方式,還有,產品是不是可以簡單地融入生活中。當然,Grown Alchemist更達到了自然天然、有機配方和植物萃取的成分要求,同時包裝設計簡潔有美感,讓每天的保養過程都是一個靜美的享受。那麼,我們趕快進入主題一起看看是否也有適合你的好物吧。

Lips & Neck Care

Having “healthy and smooth lips” and “fine skin texture neck” make women look energetic and young. In this article, I would like to share some methods of my lips and neck care routines. Moreover, to share with you about some particular products that after trying. 許多人往往忽略了雙唇以及脖子這兩個部位的確切保養;擁有「健康滋潤的雙唇」以及「緊致的頸部肌膚」的確讓女人看來更有活力、健康,更顯年輕。這篇文章以自己的保養經驗分享照顧雙唇以及頸部肌膚的手法,還有前陣子入手在使用過後也放心推薦的保養品。

Taiwan ANGSANA SPA 墾丁凱撒悅椿

The trip of KenTing has changed my impression of traveling in the south of Taiwan; the local culture and view have the special charming feeling that you do not find in other places. It was an unforgettable experience.

Winter Skin Care

It is always an important lifetime issue for women to choose affordable and proper beauty products. I hope this article brings you some ideas if you are going to purchase new winter creams.