CALIDA Home Wear 愛自己,成為一個連你自己都愛的人

When we shot the photos, my assistant and I could not help but keep laughing. I had to hold back my stomach and breath to get a “looked-like flat belly”; moreover, to adjust my position with the sunlight to get a better shadow and an “almost” perfect body shape. That was a fun shooting; it was also the most challenging shooting than to shoot winter garments in summer.

By viewing my body through editing the images; I thought about an issue of the woman, and it’s related themes and stories. I wrote an article some months ago, “can we women own all of it?” My idea is, before you complete something, you must develop yourself firstly. We courage women to love we selves more, but it just becomes a slogan. Through this article, I would like to share with you some of my lifestyles concept; why we should treat ourselves better and how to follow the idea.



How to treat ourselves better, how to complete ourselves? Read some more books or often visit Starbucks? In some months, I will turn to be forty-one; through my past life experience, from Taiwan to Germany, different language and culture, I have learned something which is useful.

Understand Yourself Well

For example, it is like to look at your naked body from head to toe; no matter your body shape or your mind and attitude; I mean, the real you under the mask that you are used to wearing when you face to others. After understanding yourself well, you will realize the things you do are for yourself or others. A while ago, I had a meeting with one of my business partners; I almost could not recognize the lady who came to open the door for me. She looked different, a face-off transformation. She lost more than twenty kilos in seven months; I did not say, she had been over-weighted more than half of her life. I asked about her motivation. “I felt bad when I walk; my spine and legs got problems from my weight. It is better to find out the source of the problem than to take the rehabilitation. That is all.” It is what happens after she understood herself completely. There are many reference books to teach us how to lose weight, how to become more beautiful; however, they only show us one motivation that we will be attractive to others. They never remind us that the only reason we do something should be that we never forget the real and true ourselves.

Do You Pursue Blindly?

In my surrounding, many young girls chase bags that might get more likes on the social media. But they use the wrong way to approach their wishes; no regular food, take a part-time job without sleeping or live in a messy room that is out of organizing. However, when they carry the bags going out, they have a happy and big smile on their faces; that happy faces just earn likes from you and me. Is it better to have a lifestyle that you indeed need, or to pursue a bubble that only “looks nice”? Some days ago, I met a girlfriend whom I don’t see so often. I saw her attract-attention lips and cheekbones firstly far from ten meters away. It is affordable for her to take beauty treatments; however, I do not see the pretty and charming woman on her face anymore. When we mostly judge ourselves with the standard from the general public, dare you to have your ruler to decide your individual standard?

Do some nice things to make you smile in your dreams

There is nothing more important than this issue. Do something that you do enjoy might not bring you good income or a competent title; however, it raises your passion. Some years ago, I met a boy who had green hair, and long eyeliners on his big eyes. I asked him for some street style photos and chatted with him for a while. In such a big city, Munich, we meet each other by chance quite often. Three years later, the little boy turns eighteen. The latest time when we met, he wore a beautiful makeup, pink eyeshadow with elegant eyeliners, together, he had the matched pink color on his lips. He had dreamed of modeling; after years of life experience, he decided to keep studying and focus on the career of Beauty. “This is what I have always dreamed to live; I do enjoy.” He told me before we say goodbye. He has always been courageous and bold to live in his way, from the outfit to his attitude. Moreover, he decides to develop himself in a way that he looks for. I think it is the best thing and nothing else can compare to it.

Transform Yourself Imperceptibly

I do believe that the most beautiful transformation is to modify yourself imperceptibly. Our face, the knowledge, the temperament and the personality are developed from time. And the appearance will represent the quality. An image often comes to my mind, the Chef Editor of Vogue Germany, Christiane Arp. She is tall and strong as the typical German woman; this is born with nature. However, I believe that her tough character that shows on her face is developed from her believes through years. She is not the standard beauty, but she is charming with a touch of gentle. I do think that every day has its purpose and every happening has its sense; this is the reason why I enjoy every moment, and this is how it riches our life.









隨著時間、年月慢慢推移的潛移默化才是最美的改變;這令我深信不移。女人的面孔、智慧發想與氣質都會跟著我們的念思而累積,累積之後在外表上的呈現則令人難以忘懷;那是一份經過轉化的質感,將我們心中的信念透過實體的面孔與身軀來展現。德國Vogue總編Christiane Arp的形象偶爾出現在我心中,個性剛毅的她有著德國女人高大的骨架,這是天生賦予的條件;不過我相信她毫不軟弱的臉龐上所透露的韌性與毅力是因為多年來所執著的信念而潛移默化生成的。她或許不是一線美女,但我總被她在各個不同場合中溫婉的笑容所吸引,這份美才最真實。這也是我開心過著、生活著每一天的最大原因,我總是相信每個今天都有存在的價值,每個事件的存在都有它的意義,而這段過程才豐滿了我們的人生。

No matter how we live and how we love ourself; it is important that we feel comfortable and become a person that we would appreciate. I understand myself well; I know what lifestyle fits me and I enjoy my work and do my best to it. Away from home, I style in a way that matches to my personality; at home, I only look for comfortable and cozy stuff. A feeling that makes you realize how happy you are.

I remember the time when I just moved to Germany; I even had no idea where to buy my underwear. My the other half held my hand and showed me CALIDA in a department store. Without any hesitation, he explained my needs to the old lady in the store and helped us to translate for each other. The design of CALIDA collections has always been comfortable and the excellent quality without any fancy decoration; it is just like the care and support that my the other half brings to me. Soft bra, one set of home wear and a silk nightgown, these are my favorite piece from CALIDA’s new collection. From the inside, we explore our most pure emotion; form the outside, we experience a unique atmosphere.




This is a collaborated project with CALIDA. The location was at Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten Starnberg.

Outfit - Mango Lace Top, Embroidered culottes and Loafers - Yes! Please Enjoy

Fanning Tseng is the editor of Yes! Please Enjoy which was founded in 2012. Having lived in different cities and experienced different cultures, Fanning focuses on the connection between Europe and Asia. She is now working as a professional photographer and a full-time blogger. Moreover, Fanning is a regular feature columnist in several Chinese online magazines such as Vogue Taiwan, WOMANY and 10/10 HOPE. Get better informed by subscribing the Newsletter; moreover, let’s stay connected on Instagram and Facebook.

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