Black Weekend Discount Selection Under €100 & Codes 2017

The Black Weekend and Cyber Monday start from 23th of November, Friday until 26th of November, Monday. Do not miss the long weekend discount activities. Here are some of my favorite pieces; moreover, the discount information and codes for your shopping. It is the best timing to prepare the Christmas gifts, also to style one look for yourself for the Christmas and New Year celebration. Happy Shopping.


ASOS > 20% off for everything (code : WIN20)

ZALANDO > extra 20% off for selected stuff on Black Friday (code : ALLXBLACK)

Douglas > 20% off for selected Beauty Friday

EDITED > mid-season sale

& Other Stories > up to 50% off

ABOUT YOU > up to 40% off

C&A > 20% off

Bobbi Brown > 20% off for selected products (code : BLACKBB17*)

HALLHUBER >20% off for selected items (code : BLACK17)

Tops under €50

Winter Accessories under €50

Bags around €50

Jewelry under €50

Outfit - Mango Lace Top, Embroidered culottes and Loafers - Yes! Please Enjoy

Fanning Tseng is the editor of Yes! Please Enjoy which was founded in 2012. Having lived in different cities and experienced different cultures, Fanning focuses on the connection between Europe and Asia. She is now working as a professional photographer and a full-time blogger. Moreover, Fanning is a regular feature columnist in several Chinese online magazines such as Vogue Taiwan, WOMANY and 10/10 HOPE. Get better informed by subscribing the Newsletter; moreover, let’s stay connected on Instagram and Facebook.

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