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Omorovicza Night Treatment


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Omorovicza Cleanser Collection

在網路上看到關於Omorovicza這兩款清潔、卸妝系列的使用分享,於是寫了信問問10/10 HOPE的編輯。沒想到編輯自己也是愛用者,熱烈地推薦使用:質地真的和我們以前習慣的清潔品都不同,會讓你耳目一新的。」這麼有吸引力的推薦詞,能不起作用嗎?

I saw on the Internet about the cleansing and makeup remover products of Omorovicza. I wrote a letter asking 10/10 HOPE's editor about it. I did not expect that she also likes the products, and enthusiastically recommended me to try. She said: "The texture is different from the cleaning products we used to be, and it will make you feel refreshed." Can such an attractive recommendation not work?

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