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Omorovicza Night Treatment


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Grown Alchemist Age Repair Skin Care


These years of skin care experience let me understand, pick the right products, and treat your skin with the appropriate ingredients is the best way for your skin. Spend some minutes to cleanse your skin and massage your face with your handsand take good care of it. Treat yourself well, and it will be rewarded on your own.

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Omorovicza Cleanser Collection

在網路上看到關於Omorovicza這兩款清潔、卸妝系列的使用分享,於是寫了信問問10/10 HOPE的編輯。沒想到編輯自己也是愛用者,熱烈地推薦使用:質地真的和我們以前習慣的清潔品都不同,會讓你耳目一新的。」這麼有吸引力的推薦詞,能不起作用嗎?

I saw on the Internet about the cleansing and makeup remover products of Omorovicza. I wrote a letter asking 10/10 HOPE's editor about it. I did not expect that she also likes the products, and enthusiastically recommended me to try. She said: "The texture is different from the cleaning products we used to be, and it will make you feel refreshed." Can such an attractive recommendation not work?

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absolution Concentrated Serum


As a woman who has a job, and also being a mother and wife, I try my best to accomplish what I want to do and the responsibilities while enjoying the process. When we put down the burden on the shoulders, we can relax a while, and choose the right and proper beauty care products according to the lifestyle. Not only refreshing the spirit but also investing the same care for the external figures.

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NEOM Multi Mineral Bath Salts


I am more and more fond of this "only need to be good to myself" moment and slow down the process. It is not just to take care of the skin, but to deeply incorporate the feelings of the mind. Through the aromatherapy treatment with NEOM Multi Mineral Bath Salts, I have enriched my limited time and made myself more comfortable.

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