Low-Key Yet Beautiful Details

When I have started reading Urban Jungle this book, I understand a slow-living lifestyle philosophy. We mostly live and be emotional with our busy days; however, we all need some time to change the regular way to have a slower and better living, this is my gained experience with age. Since I know the editor of Urban Jungle lives in Munich, I decided to interview him. I would like to know more about his thoughts, and the way he implements in his daily life. The conversation was inspiring; I saw a humble yet satisfied manner, and that makes a happy life that is reachable for each of us.

As well as my look that I wore on the interview day. People who have the same attitude and own the similar lifestyle will like the details that are not exaggerating on this coat. Here is another style I paired with this coat, feel free to read. The interview talks about the book, Urban Jungle will be online soon, and I can not wait to share with you.

自從閱讀了Urban Jungle這本書之後,漸漸地對「慢好」的生活有了不同體悟;作息、情緒當然還是跟著手上該完成的事項起伏,不過偶爾以跳脫不同的生活方式來改變匆忙慌張進而轉向且慢且好的態度,是邁向四十歲之際累積而來的心境。光讀書不過癮,知道作者也住在慕尼黑,於是約了採訪希望瞭解更多背後的故事,以及他的慢好想法與落實;果然一席談話如沐春風,滋味養心。是種低調謙虛卻滿載著滋味、過癮的片段,所堆疊起來的總和形成了美好卻不遙遠的生活。

如同這天採訪的穿著,大衣上美麗的細節,不是為了虛張聲勢,而是以低調的姿態僅供自己還有那些懂的人欣賞。這件大衣有另一個穿搭的風格,可以點擊閱讀。關於Urban Jungle這本書,將馬上與大家分享如何在寒冬中添加暖綠,再請期待。

Coat : Schneiders Salzburg
Jeans : Levi’s 501 CT
Shoes : Comptoir des Cotonniers

Outfit - Mango Lace Top, Embroidered culottes and Loafers - Yes! Please Enjoy

Fanning Tseng is the editor of Yes! Please Enjoy which was founded in 2012. Having lived in different cities and experienced different cultures, Fanning focuses on the connection between Europe and Asia. She is now working as a professional photographer and a full-time blogger. Moreover, Fanning is a regular feature columnist in several Chinese online magazines such as Vogue Taiwan, WOMANY and 10/10 HOPE. Get better informed by subscribing the Newsletter; moreover, let’s stay connected on Instagram and Facebook.

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