Art Project – Wertheim Village & Ingolstadt Village

It has always been a pleasure to be part of Wertheim Village and Ingolstadt Village since years. If you have read the cooperation articles, you might realize how I am touched by each event, and how much I have proved about self-growth during the years.

I remember the first event I attended in 2013, A touch of Chic, a charitable activity to support breast cancer. My mission was not only to record the process but also interview Eva Padberg, a well-known Model in Germany. It was my very first time to do a video interview, bought a mini microphone and learn how to edit videos. You could image that I was so nervous when I talked to Eva.

After that, I have more opportunities to every important moment with the villages. Depending on different situations, each time is a challenge for me. I learn from experiences; I know how to do my work properly. However, without all great and exciting concept and ideas from the villages, I can not enjoy all of it.

There are two campaigns that I was particularly impressed. In this article, I would like to tell you a story from the other angle, the stories behind the villages and me, as a participant of the social media.

這些年來不管是參加法蘭克福近郊的Wertheim Village或是慕尼黑近郊的Ingolstadt Village兩大購物村的活動,在文章裡所寫下「很有意思」、「令人意猶未盡」這些字句從表面上看來或許商業化;不過如果把這一連串參與的活動前後銜接起來,則是一整段因為靈感啟發而「自我成長」的過程。

我永遠記得第一次參加Ingolstadt Village的活動是在2013年夏季末,是場購物村集團舉辦的「A Touch Of Chic」支持乳癌的公益活動。那時候第一次做影音採訪,特別買了套收音麥克風,事前研究了錄影的方法,甚至後來做了功課剪接影片。更不用說,當我抱著相機走進會場,看到模特兒Eva Padberg時的緊張模樣;我永遠記得自己的聲音在發抖的胸腔裡迴盪的印象。

接下來更多的採訪、影片影像紀錄的機會,每次都因為人物、活動內容而有不同的挑戰。我從一個戰戰兢兢抖著心跳的採訪初學者,到現在不僅錄影、照相到發問都可以獨自完成,還可以依照現場狀況變通調整。這當中,把困難當成挑戰,正面迎上不退縮的心態幫了很大的忙。不過如果少了Wertheim Village或是Ingolstadt Village每次在活動中不同靈感的呈現,或許便少了許多自我挑戰時的樂趣。


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Christmas Charity Book Exhibition

Christmas Charity Book Exhibition was a charitable project that Ingolstadt Village hosted with UNICEF, the project called Schools for Africa. The goal was to offer children in Africa a study environment for the primary education.

The organizers invited thirteen people/groups to join this meaningful project. Each of them have got an empty drawing book in A4 size. On the opened two pages, they drew about their Christmas stories, about their thoughts, dreams or memories. There was no rule about how to create the pages. It was all about love. At the same time, it is very personal and emotional.

Through the event and reading the creations, I understood those never told stories that behind the famous celebrities. It might be very fashionable; however, it was one of the most remarkable events I have been part of.

Christmas Charity Book Exhibition是Ingolstadt Village與UNICEF一起合作的義舉;目的是為了提供非洲的孩子們一個基本的讀書環境,計畫名稱為Schools for Africa。主辦單位邀請了德國十三位(組)俱有影響力的名流人士共襄盛舉,每一位(組)在兩面A4大小的空白筆記本上繪製每個人對聖誕節的想法或是憧憬回憶的故事。創作方式與媒介沒有限定,是非常俱有想像力,同時也帶有個人情感與情緒的創作。


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Frankfurt Wertheim Village Shopping Tour

At the end of 2015, I was thinking about to have a community for Chinese-speaking women who live in German Speaking cities to join and receive useful information that I learn from my work. At the beginning of 2016, the community is founded; and the shopping tour to the Wertheim Village was our first activity. I was excited and nervous. However, that was a successful event; I never could imagine that I went shopping with my girls and chatted in Chinese.

It cheered me. I was scared to carry out my dream and plan; however, step by step, I follow my heart and do something I wanted to. Slower is better than never.

在2015年底有了發想,於是在2016年年初成立了「在德國生活的華人女子」社團;這次女子們一起到法蘭克福Wertheim Village購物村就是成立社團後第一次的活動。



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Come back to the story of the Art Project. When I visited both Villages for Coach event in April, I already noticed there are three English words as outdoor art devices, Love, Happy and Joy. The bright yellow color brings a pleasant mood to the villages.

When I received the invitation to join the Art Project, I was wondering how artists would give changes to the devices.

回到德國境內兩大購物村的Art Project話題。四月中到購物村參加Coach的推廣活動時,不管是在Wertheim Village或是Ingolstadt Village,因應春季百花盛開怡景,在兩大園區內已經請了裝置藝術家打造了戶外的大型藝術裝置,分別是Love、Happy以及Joy三個英文字。鮮黃色的設計在陽光燦爛的園區內看來更讓人感到愉悅的氛圍;到了夜裡點上排列的燈泡,別有另番視覺的呈現。

這回收到購物村的邀約參與這場藝術裝置的改造;分別在法蘭克福的Wertheim Village以及慕尼黑的Ingolstadt Village,邀請不同的藝術家們針對個別主題將三個英文字Love、Happy以及Joy打造新的視覺形象。十分讓人期待藝術家們將會有什麼作為,帶給我們什麼驚喜。

Ingolstadt Village

The Munich artist team, ATELIERS Empfangshalle was responsible for redesigning these three words in the Ingolstadt Village. There were more than thirty artists worked together for the project. They thought the style and mood of the 70s’ could represent the meaning of Love, Happy and Joy.

When I arrived at the Village, I right away saw the word of LOVE which was painted one week earlier. Many visitors showed happy and joyful face while taking photos with it. It is exactly what the Villages look for.

在慕尼黑近郊Ingolstadt Village購物村的藝術改造是由慕尼黑藝術團隊ATELIERS Empfangshalle所領導策劃,超過三十位自由藝術工作者共同參與。藝術家們認為,多彩、不受拘束的七零年代風格,很適合這英文字Love、Happy、Joy所帶來的歡愉靈感。


Enjoying the word of Love, a complete representation was excellent. However, to view the whole process while the artists were painting was touched.

The artists wore their uniform; some of them put on the shoe covers, some of them just left their shoes as usual, some even took off their shoes and painted with barefoot. It was hot and windy; everyone was very concentrated. Sometimes they made jokes, chatted and then they immediately focused on their working again.

Flew with the wind; colors dropped on the texts. The texts that were in a bright yellow, now are covered by all different colors, lines and patterns. It seemed that the artists painted in freestyle; however, they followed their concept of this project, bringing a cheerful mood to all visitors.

I was beside since the beginning and viewed the whole process. I was so touched. I could not describe my feeling when I saw the artists placed all texts in a line. Especially when they cut the large canvas into different smaller pieces and put frames for each; the feeling that they presented was so powerful.

I realized, Art does not only mean the result that is presented but the creating process; the effort and energy that artists invest. Moreover, it takes a long time to develop their knowledge, ability and experiences. Everything together forms the value.






Wertheim Village

在法蘭克福近郊的Wertheim Village則以不同的意念來重新打造三組字。由藝術家 Il-Jin Atem Choi以抽象的人行、藉由瑜伽的形體概念表達出Love、Happy以及Joy這三個字與我們的關係。他以大型組件打造的再設計從不同角度觀看都有不同的輪廓呈現,耐人尋味。


For the Art Project tours to Wertheim Village and Ingolstadt Village, I invited my readers to join me as usual. What made fun was that we talked about our lives just as comfortable and free as in our hometown. I was glad to have their accompany. Moreover, we all experienced the concept that the Villages would like to offer, LOVE, HAPPY and JOY. Feeling the love, and enjoy every happy single day.

這次同樣邀請了住在德國的女子們和我一起出席活動,不管是Ingolstadt Village或是Wertheim Village;在搭乘接駁車前往購物村的路途上我們聊著彼此的生活,就好像在自己居住的家鄉一般自在。我總是自私,自己工作也拉著大家同行;其實目的地在哪已經不是那麼的重要,重要的是我們完全體驗了購物村在這次藝術活動中所提倡的生活哲學:LOVE、HAPPY、JOY,彼此之間有愛,以快樂與歡愉的氛圍度過每一天。

This is a collaborated project with Ingolstadt Village and Wertheim Village.

My Finds in Ingolstadt Village

Since I found out that buying Sporting shoes is a good deal in the villages, I always head to the sportive stores firstly to check what new shoes they have. This was what I found when I visited Ingolstadt Village. Moreover, my daughter joined with me for the shopping tour; my finds were totally different than when I go alone. We bought some kitchen accessories for her; she loves baking. We also bought three pairs of slippers for our Spain road tour in August. It is great to get better offer prices stuff that I do need at home.


My Finds in Wertheim Village

I wear only flats since years; collecting white sneakers becomes my pleasure when I go shopping. Any fine detail adds a bit charm to the shoes; moreover, brings a different touch to the styling. I found two pairs of white sneakers in Wertheim Village; moreover, a lovely denim backpack that I was looking for a long time. I am looking forward to showing some looks with the pieces.

自從踢掉高跟鞋後,各式白色款運動鞋成為我鞋櫃裡最豐富的收集。鞋楦、鞋面、鞋跟、綁帶等細節都可以替一雙基本款白鞋添加不同的魅力,也可以替造型穿著加分;在Wertheim Village我找到了兩雙令人喜愛的款式。另外,最近外出的機會多了,尋找一只可以搭配造型風格的後背包也是這次的清單之一,深顏色牛仔布面的設計多了輕快的印象,菱形壓紋的包面也減少了粗獷運動的後背包風格,著實令人喜愛。希望很快可以和你們分享這些單品的穿搭。

Beauty  Essential

I found this Tweezerman Eyebrow clip about a year ago in Wertheim Village. It saves my life and time. It is an excellent design that helps to clean eyebrow faster and easier. Highly recommended.

有些讀者可能還沒有讀過我那篇介紹這把Tweezerman眉毛夾的文章,不過老讀者們就知道在拔眉毛與剃眉毛之間的這個小故事。自從在購物村發現這把Tweezerman這把小夾子之後,清除臉上雜毛成為一件樂事。以前修眉毛要花上很久時間,光是用手指頭把夾子捏緊就要費好大勁,因為設計製作不良,所以毛都拔不起來。不過Tweezerman這把,製作精細,夾子捏頭很緊密,輕輕一夾根根毛髮連根拔起,真是好用。 如果你是「在德國生活的華人女子」團員之一,歡迎參加這次特別舉辦的贈獎活動;活動辦法已經在社團裡公布,不要錯過了,祝好運。

Ingolstadt Village

Wertheim Village

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  • 好懷念啊!有機會還想再ㄧ起去!在德國生活要學著喜歡吃沙拉!在台灣只愛吃熱食啊⋯⋯

  • 上次在Frankfurt 打折村活動要上班參加不到,如果活動在周末就好了!

    我來到德國最大的改變,除了語言和環境要重新學習和適應,應該是走出comfort zone 的勇氣。來德國以前我以為選擇到另一個國家生活已經是很有勇氣的事情,但來了以後發現真正的走出comfort zone 是如何抛開心裡的顧慮,就算一些客觀條件(語言程度) 不足 ,也不會讓它限制自己。那一份勇氣就是不管國外生活會有多挫敗,還是可以抬起頭繼續努力下去!大概如果那天沒有離開家,不會有那麼大的動力去讓自己面對改變。我覺得踏過了這一步後,我已經成為跟以前不一樣的人。

  • 來這裡最大的改變就是不用常常跟陌生人說不好意思或對不起也可以很有禮貌有條例的表達自己,一切就事論事不用講太多私事,即使對方會不滿意自己也問心無愧,這樣在這裡會快活許多

  • 來到德國除了語言進步之外,最大的改變就是脫離舒適圈後,發現自己可以做到很多以前以為自己做不到的事!

  • 語言和飲食是我在這最大的改變。

  • 我覺得我最大的成長是學會真正的尊重跟自己不一樣的聲音,學會不帶批判的聆聽.

  • 德文一直是我覺得最難的語言,搬到德國對我來說是完全脫離舒適圈的大挑戰,也是開始認識,內視自己的課題。謝謝凡寧對德國的諸多介紹與分享,讓身在異鄉的我有一個溫暖的角落。

  • 我想,最大的改變和成長應該是更會爭取自己的權益、習慣星期天店不開和沒有7-11的生活、耐心的等待每一個不管是政府相關單位和醫生預約、還有沒辦法想去逛街就逛街、想和朋友吃飯就吃飯的生活吧!生活品質好,但生活機能不好、人們比較實在、但沒有台灣人的友善和熱情等等,實在太多,我想,哪天如果必須回台灣定居,我大概會格格不入了… orz…

  • 來這八年德國後,不停碰撞受傷後,學到了把過去的原家鄉的成就「放下」,把自己心態「歸零」重新學習,讓自己的語文表達力慢慢追上外表軀殼與心靈!這讓我重新又成了成熟獨立的女人!

  • 覺得凡寧是個有微妙氛微的女生。有一次不小心看到你的文章就被吸弔了。謝謝你的分享,我想我呀,以外國人的身份來到了德國也八年了。在有點距離的地方看台灣,讓我對在台灣的所有外籍人士(所有的藍領/白領/外配)有了不一樣的想法;感受異地文化/社會的各種好與壞的同時,越來越懂的反思,也因此越來越關心台灣的政治發展,希望在自己的能力之內能多做一些事!

  • 最大的改變應該是算比較守時跟比較會環保。我也會變的比較去記劃,因為店家不是一直都開門。也學會放鬆跟享受度假的樂趣!

  • 自從來到德國這裡後,自己最大的改變應該是飲食的改變以及對外來事物的接受能力變的更寬廣了。以前從來不愛吃麵包,也不太願意接受新的事物,因為自己不熟悉,所以沒有勇氣去改變,但是來到德國後,卻是要努力的讓自己跟上這裡的生活習慣以及新的人事物以及環境。這些種種因素,讓我必須強迫自己要改變以及接納新的人事物。雖然在這過程,我老是受到傷害以及難過,但是,我還是一直不斷的堅持自己一定要不斷的挑戰以及改變。我希望自己在未來能有自己的一片天空。

  • 除了多了一門能流利溝通的語言之外,我想收穫最多的是學會以更廣闊的心態看待一切事物;也更會傾聽自己聲音,愛自己。

  • 這個禮拜才帶著女兒報到,終於結束2年的遠距,正要開始新生活,我想我跟女兒一定會很快就適應了。大家加油~~

  • 謝謝凡寧的分享!






  • 住在這裏的這段時間,讓我學會更加珍惜自己所擁有的。以前不管是在台灣或是香港,常常把自己的方便當做理所當然,現在生活在德國,很多的不便,也都成為我需學習的課程。現在的我,還是在學習,學習當位媽媽,學習更加獨立。



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