Taiwan ANGSANA SPA 墾丁凱撒悅椿

I always make jokes that I would like to be a queen, seriously. Not for those graceful yet expensive clothes, neither for the supreme power but someone always stands beside me and gives me unlimited massage service. Well, I do enjoy massage; give me a bed, a well-heated room, no matter with oil or without, as long as starting the massage, I can sink into an endless sweet dream.

However, the German style massage is not a way I relax and enjoy. Luckily, I found one store some years ago that offers a similar service as in Asia. Still, each time when we are back to Taiwan, we try as often as possible to go to massage stores. This time before I have booked our trip to KenTing, I read their SPA service, Angsana on the website; it looked like a wellness villa in Thailand; we wanted to visit Angsana and get better information about their SPA before we reserve the service for us.

總是跟米夏爾開玩笑說:「真的好想當皇后」。不是為了雍容華貴的服飾以及至高無上的權力;我想要的,是站在皇后身旁的那兩個婢女,噓寒問暖打點生活之外,最主要可以無止盡地使喚她們輪流替我按摩。 嗯,我真的好喜歡按摩,給上一張床、準備好暖氣,打油、不打油的都沒緊要,只要按摩一開始,就可以沉入無止盡的甜蜜夢鄉裡。


Angsana Spa is located at a quiet corner in the CAESAR PARK HOTEL; along with a stone trail, in the end, is the entrance of Angsana where decorated with spots of Lotus. They mean it to design the garden with a touch of Zen; that refreshes our mind and cools down the impetuous mood. An afternoon breeze welcomed us. Angsana follows a tradition service from Thailand, everything here is just set properly.

After a short consultation, we decided to take the New Year special offer, a family package that was affordable as we usually pay in Taipei. We were ready to enjoy the wellness treatment.



I especially liked the way how Angsana offers information to their customers. Before we decided if we would take any massage offer, we asked many questions to understand the different services. However, the lady was patient to answer all my questions; she also suggested us which offer and treatment would fit us better. Besides, she did not forget to remind us about their special discount.

Different from the general massage, instead of rooms, Angsana SPA has individual villas for customers to enjoy during the treatment. A wellness villa is just like a home, a modern space to relax; moreover, there is an outdoor massage pool in the garden. Sounds great, right? Once we came into our villa, the freest time began.


有別於一般以房間為單位的按摩房,悅樁SPA是以獨棟的Villa另闢出安靜優雅的環境使人格外感到自在與放鬆。Wellness Villa裡有個大房間擺放按摩床位,另外有獨立的衛浴方便更換衣服、清洗,在花園有座半戶外的按摩浴池;空氣裡有著清爽的大自然香氣,讓我們推開Villa大門隨即放下了僵硬的雙肩準備好這天的放鬆活動。

We booked 90 minutes treatment which included scrubbing, massage and bath, and then the tea time. My skin looked so soft and glowing after the scrubbing, and the massage made me felt like a new-born child. I hope I did not open my mouth when I fell asleep.

The outdoor milk bath was an unexpected experience. I remember that day was quite warm, took a hot bath made our pores all opened; felt so fresh. Then we realized that our trip was too short, instead of four days, we should stay one week long.



The tea time after the massage was another unforgettable point for my daughter. The tea was tasty; however, I even do not remember how was the taste of the cookies, my daughter ate all cookies we got. You see the photo above, her happy smiling face; I did not make stories.

We just sat in the garden and talked about anything, to enjoy our free time; about the night market, about the buffet we were going to enjoy, anything that was not important but made us happy. We all agreed that it was worth to enjoy a luxury afternoon in Angsana SPA.

一直到回了德國依舊讓女兒念念不忘的墾丁之行,除了沙灘玩水的行程,就是悅樁SPA的茶點。我記得那茶真是回甘香甜,在按摩之後常覺得口乾舌燥,這款茶的滋潤口感正好合宜;不過餅乾到底什麼味道已經忘了, 我才咬了一口餅乾、喝口茶水,女兒不但將她自己那份茶點吃完,還隨即拿起我的餅乾說:媽媽,這個熱量那麼高,我幫你吃好了。瞧她露出那賊一般的笑容可以證明我沒有說大話。


Besides our SPA treatment, I booked a DIY fragrance candle mini workshop for my daughter. It was an unusual experience that you can choose an oil flavor you like and the mix with the special wax. After lighting the candle, you can use the wax to moist the skin. I like to apply it after a warm shower; the flavor lasts longer until the next day.


The trip of KenTing has changed my impression of traveling in the south of Taiwan; the local culture and view have the special charming feeling that you do not find in other places. CAESAR PARK HOTEL has a considerate service attitude that makes you feel like home. Moreover, Angsana SPA refreshed our body and mind; it was an unforgettable experience.

CAESAR PARK HOTEL offers a clear and smart website for us to discover; it shows all information we need on it. Moreover, they give frequently seasonal offers; browsing around to find a next proper holiday for you. In case you need help, feel free to call the service department; while I tried to book a room for us, I had a payment problem due to my credit card, I called and solved all issues within 15 minutes.

這次墾丁之行一改以往我對南台灣小旅行的偏見;在地的人文風情有它不可取代的魅力。 墾丁凱撒樸實不花俏的服務以及應對讓人感到舒服,悅樁SPA的舒壓療程也讓我們在兩個多小時裡神清氣爽煥然一新。



Website : www.kenting.caesarpark.com.tw
Facebook : 墾丁凱撒大飯店 CAESAR PARK HOTEL

I used Olympus PEN-F and the object 45mm 1:1.8 to record my trip in kenTing; normally it would be better to carry in a city lifestyle. However, I would like to give a challenge to myself. Also, I wanted to be used to this camera as quick as possible. I did not expect that Olympus PEN-F is such a smart-designed camera; it is handy to carry and easy to operate in any situation, no matter the poolside or the crowded night market.

I would say, Olympus PEN-F is a camera has a high quality, not only the outside looking but also the essential character. It focus fast and captures sharp images; however, you see all beautiful details that compose the view. It can catch all stories front of me that I could like to record; it seems to be my send pair eyes; however, it is not aggressive to give pressure to the people who are in front of the camera.

I edited all images with Lightroom, not only about the exposure or the contrast but also my personal emotion.

這次南下墾丁我全程使用 Olympus PEN-F 機身搭配 45mm 1:1.8 定焦鏡頭紀錄我們的行程。其實這款機身比較適合在城市生活中使用,但是我其實想挑戰、順便磨練我對這台相機的手感,希望在短時間內上手。沒想到,它的輕巧與聰明的設定模式在不管任何情況下都十分好操作,不管是空曠的沙灘、陽光耀眼的池畔,或是人潮擁擠的墾丁大街上。


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