Accidental Pleasure In Paris

Paris impression day 1 2014 | MUCstyle by Fanning Tseng_-16

I have never been a good tourist. I thought this trip to Paris; I should do the research in order to check every sightseeing point on the map. On the google page, when you type in “Paris”, it comes out the stereotyped places, however, I wrote every detail down on my special prepared “Paris Note Book”. I had the full hand of confidence when I arrived in Paris. I stood on the land of the city, breathed the smell that mixed with the urine and the smoke. I was too unruffled by emotion to pump my blood circulation. Took my Note Book on the hands, wanted to go to the Metro Station. However, a small street looked very attractive that was beside the station entrance. It seemed like there was a treasure right behind the alley. My mind wove the emotion into a map; the mood turned on the automatic navigation; the feet followed my eyes, and my heart flew happily beside me. No more attractions and crowds, I felt fainted and lost myself. Not losing my way, but feeling so dizzy from the excitement.


Paris impression day 4 2014 | MUCstyle by Fanning Tseng_-16

Each alley, every unexpected shop jumped up to the front of my eyes and waved the hands to say hello. I nodded the head and smiled, in order to catch all messages from the city. Walking forward in big steps, blinking reluctantly, breathing deucedly. I was even too addicted to making photos. Every praise was a shutter; each twittering substituted uploading to the social medias, swallowing the memories together with the saliva incidentally.


Paris impression day 1 2014 | MUCstyle by Fanning Tseng_-19

It was fun when unexpected encounter happened. Crossing a bridge (I realized afterwards that was Pont Alexandre III), I saw the view that Eiffel Tower was the background. What a sumptuous backdrop.

However, from far, I aimed the Triumphal Arch. Last experience in Paris was too short to stay with it. This time, without any help from google map, I found it. I sat under the Triumphal Arch and looked up to it; then I was sure that I was finally in this city.

不期偶遇才是最為過癮。路過了一座橋(後來看才知道是亞歷山大三世橋 Pont Alexandre III),遠遠地,巴黎鐵塔為背景,太過奢侈的一幕。不過凱旋門老遠就瞄到了,上回四小時巴黎行走得匆忙,與這座城門擦身而過;這回不用地圖、不需地址,城門崁領著我筆直前進。臨門下,就椅而坐,門牆要仰望才能入眼。我終究確認,人是在巴黎了。

Paris impression day 4 2014 | MUCstyle by Fanning Tseng_-17

Paris impression day 3 2014 | MUCstyle by Fanning Tseng_-13

Even when I was on the Pont des Arts, I did not realize it in the beginning. Yes, here it is. At the house of Juliet in Italy, touching the right breast to wish a good luck of love; afterwards, lovers have to come to Paris to protect their relationship. My lovers were in Munich at home, although, it did not make sense to lock alone. Sitting on the bridge, I felt blessed when the sunshine coverd my shoulders. Not from the lovely couples but feeling that I was so lucky to share the happiness with them.


Paris impression day 4 2014 | MUCstyle by Fanning Tseng_-18

Paris impression day 3 2014 | MUCstyle by Fanning Tseng_-17

It is too hokey, if I say, everything was unexpected. Honestly, the Louvre and the Lafayette department store were planned. I would like to take a look the glasses Pyramid from Dan Brown’s story; also the dreamy ceiling of the famous shopping mall that full of tourists. This time, I could not help but take some photos of it. In the end, I was sure that I was here with Paris.



Paris impression day 2 2014 | MUCstyle by Fanning Tseng_-3

Paris impression day 4 2014 | MUCstyle by Fanning Tseng_-23

Paris impression day 2 2014 | MUCstyle by Fanning Tseng_-20

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