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My mother has been a stylish woman who is willing to invest a bit budget on herself every month. I had followed her to different fashion stores, shoe shops and beauty studios; therefore, being stylish and beautiful means something to me. As I remember that I had never tried to use her cosmetic secretly like other little girls; however, I have always been fascinated by the charm of makeup. When I was younger, I stood behind the mask of makeup; I thought it could help me to highlight myself. Now, I understand how to take advantage of makeup and draw the charm of my personality out. If getting older is a kind of good turn, it makes me realize that a truly beautiful character comes from a kind heart and sense, and that element is developed from our life experiences. The expression presents our mind unreservedly.

我的母親是位懂得打扮,每個月也願意在自己身上投注些許預算治裝、添購美容保養品的前衛女性;我從小跟著她在不同舶來品店、服飾鞋店還有美容護膚中心(那時候我們說做臉)這些地方打轉,自然也對美的事物累積了某種程度的期待與期許。 雖然不曾偷偷塗抹母親的化妝品、唇膏,不過很是著迷於彩妝的魅力。在年輕一點的時候,藉由強烈的視覺彩妝印象來凸顯自己;現在則以合適且宜人的裝點手法來襯托自己。如果說,當年紀漸漸增長也是一件好事,那便是讓我更了解風格並非一昧地往外延伸擴張讓吸引別人的目光,而是藉由生活經驗向內滋長的魅力豐富自己的心靈與感知,自然地心有所嚮,面目也賞心。

Because of offering monthly columns for 10/10 HOPE, I visit their website and online shop regularly. I got myself an absolution lipstick no. 19, Rose Franc when I was back to Taiwan in April 2016. The texture is soft in matte; moreover, it shows in different shades depending on how you apply it. Slightly to apply one to two layers, it gives you a fresh yet lovely look. If you would like to have a stronger impression, then apply the lipstick for three to four layers. Before I went back to Taiwan at the end of 2016, I heard from my column editor that absolution presents a new collection of lipstick; extra moisturizing formula yet still in a matte texture. Again, I got these three new colors for myself; it just sounded so great.

Before, I heard from my mother that her lip color has got so dark due to using lipsticks too often. Somehow, I realized that some dangerous elements are added into the formula to produce lipsticks for a better and rich colors. Moreover, people had no idea about how to remove makeup and clean the skin properly. Therefore, all colors and dirty stuff stuck in the pores and hurt the skin.

I love how nature absolution is. First of all, absolution does not add any harmful ingredient; now we can finally enjoy being beautiful and charming from applying colors on our lips without worries. Below, there is a short video that I created to present my mood about absolution.

因為撰寫專欄的緣故,所以每個月會瀏覽10/10 HOPE的官網。去年四月份回台灣的時候入手了一隻absolution 19號法式玫瑰的唇膏;霧面且輕柔的質地隨著塗抹層次不同而有不同顯色,輕輕塗上兩層顯露出健康的好氣色,以加強手法塗抹三層則可以搭配穿搭造型。這次回台灣前,聽10/10 HOPE的編輯說,absolution出了保濕加強版,依舊是霧面質地卻更滋潤,著實讓人心動;所以趁著與編輯碰面開會討論專欄議題時,順道把三款新色通通包回家了。



These three colors are No. 03 Cerise, No. 05 Dusky Rose and No. 20 Papaya. I used No. 03 Cerise while shooting the photos in this article. The cherry red gives a brighter tone to the skin; moreover, the red color has an exceptional quality due to its matte touch, unique. I used No. 05 Dusky Rose for shooting the short video; it is a color for daily using. The No. 20 Papaya is my favorite one among all; it is a color that you can team with your everyday look.


From let to right, No. 03 Cerise, No. 05 Dusky Rose and No. 20 Papaya.

Which color is your favorite? Try to play applying a color in a light and soft way or a stronger style to get different impressions for day and night.


absolution by 10/10 HOPE

This is a collaborated project with 10/10 Hope for absolution.

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