3 Straw Bag Styling Ideas From Summer To Fall 今夏至入秋最實用的三款草編包穿搭

I have been seeing many girls carry straw bags on the social media or in the streets; straw bags indeed fit the vibes of summer. However, most of the bags are designed in romantic, sweet or cute styles; they are not for me, a girl who likes mostly the minimal style. Luckily, before we kicked off our Road Trip from Germany to Spain, I have found this simple yet stylish straw bag from Esprit; it made my luggage packing perfectly.


Minimal Style Straw Bags
Minimal Design Straw Hats
Beach Look

When I just arrived in Peniscola, I knew that choosing this Esprit straw bag was a smart decision. It is unique from all bags that all girls carry in the streets. This bag was my best accessory going to the beach; the inner layer has a well-made quality that keeps sand out. I especially like the look that I teamed with a straw hat and a long flax shirt that I bought from a local store in Peniscola. It is important for me to keep a simple yet minimal style as usual while traveling, although, I have only a limited space for packing. Being yourself no matter where you go.



Summer Street Style

Before I packed for our Summer Road Trip from Germany to Spain, I would like to not only keep my personal styling style but also try a different style that I am usually not wearing, colorful and fancy pants. I have some in the closet; however, for a vibe of summer vacation, I added some more to my packing. This Esprit straw bag fits all kinds of fancy trousers due to its simple yet minimal design; moreover, it fits perfectly to a pair of sneakers. Highly recommended this similar styling idea to girls who are not fascinated to romantic or cute looks yet interested in some straw bags.



A Straw Bag For this Autumn

You worried about if it is too late to order a straw bag? No worries; a proper straw bag is exactly perfect for the fall looks. No matter to pair with a pair of casual shoes or ankle boots, one shirt and jeans, you make it to another level of fall styling. I took this embroidered jeans together with my straw bag from Esprit. Its soft texture makes the jeans comfortable; moreover, I gave it a little DIY on the details to add a touch of my taste. I think before winter comes, this janes will be one of my favorite pants. If you are looking for a straw bag, now is a good time to go for one before this fall.



How about you? Which look do you like the most? Feel free to share your ideas with me.

你呢,你也是女漢子個性的女子嗎? 那你最喜歡哪一款穿搭呢?不要吝嗇留言跟我說說唷。

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