3 Jackets To Get You Excited About Winter

I truly love cooler days, although, it might snow, be cold or even freezing. However, from wearing layers, we can style our winter looks in a fun way yet with a touch of quality. I especially love coats and jackets; not only to stay warm but also to have unique winter styles through playing different layers and ways. Last year, I edited an article to talk about how to wear winter coats with flats that helping you to figure out some winter styling issues; I received many positive messages. It turned cooler earlier this year; therefore, I was thinking to edit another winter coats issue. This time, I focus on the subject of “A coat you might also have in the wardrobe”. Moreover, I would like to give a twist to the styles that we can dress our already-have coats in new ways. Also, if you plan to buy new jackets or coats, I will also share with you some tips for shopping and fitting.


Bomber Jacket

Bomber Jackets have hit the trend since last season; it continues. However, all labels give it a twist for different impressions in this season; instead of being sportive, they show us romantic and elegant forms. Some of my girlfriends and readers asked about how to choose Bomber Jackets. “How about if I buy one and it is out of the trend some months later?” No, we do not like to wear our purchases only for some months but years. Well, we can actually choose a Bomber Jacket that has some features as below to avoid being too fashionable and out of style fast.

  • The length. Some of the popular Bomber Jackets are waist-length designed; unless you are very skinny, those jackets are not for you, they only make your hip bigger than it is. This jacket I chose is longer; it fits very well my body shape type, pear-shaped and conceals my faults.
  • The color and pattern. This jacket is in dark blue with subtle white stripes; depending on different styling ideas, it can be sportive and casual, even can be transformed into an elegant way. Somehow, if you have the budget and would like to get the stylish ones, then follow the trend and enjoy it.

I mentioned that I would like to give a twisted touch to all looks I wore in this article. When we talk about Bomber Jackets, we think about casual and sportive; but I would like to take off the sporty shoes and give my jacket a new face. First of all, I teamed the jacket with a turtleneck sweater and a shirt to give more details to the neckline. Plus, I dressed this dark blue jacket with a gray tone; these two colors present an elegant and sophisticated quality. Sometimes colors say more things than words. Last, I wore one pair of platform loafer; it made me taller in a comfortable way, fantastic. Last, a clean makeup look is important to complete the style for a fresh and polished touch. If you want a trendy style, you only have to put on one pair of jeans and sporty shoes.

從上一季開始熱燒流行的Bomber Jacket在進入冬天之後依舊火熱,不過都被各個品牌稍稍扭轉了一下,以不同材質呈現出或帶優雅浪漫、或知性文青的風格,總之不再一昧地以運動風來詮釋,替Bomber Jacket添加更多造型可能性。聽了身邊女性朋友還有讀者詢問,雖然很喜歡類似的外套,就怕流行熱度一過可惜了,遲遲不敢下手。其實,我們可以從設計的風格來挑選,把一件經典的棒球外套與現下流行的Bomber Jacket區分開來。挑選類似款外套時有幾個重點:

  • 長度。有些流行款的Bomber Jacket長度在腰際,除非是很纖瘦的女生,否則在搭配不恰當的情況下反而顯得臀圍過寬,破壞了比例。這件外套的長度在髖部一半的部位,很適合像我這種西洋梨身型的女生;既不顯累贅,也可以修飾身形。
  • 顏色花色。這件深藍色帶有細白條紋的棒球外套如果以不同造型來裝扮,很簡單就可以有不同的視覺呈現;既可以很活潑休閒,也可以像照片中帶出與刻板印象不同的知性風格。如果是現下帶有絲綢亮面或是刺繡的設計,雖然走在潮流尖端卻也容易失去新鮮度;當然,如果預算夠,那便可以無所顧慮地添購一件流行的款式過過癮呢。

那麼搭配的手法呢?前面提到希望以「逆向」的造型方式來做這次專題的搭配,如果大部分對於Bomber Jacket都有運動休閒風的刻板印象,那我是不是可以先把休閒運動鞋脫掉,給這件外套不一樣的面貌?圓領收邊的外套比較難修飾我的臉型,所以穿這種外套時,我通常會配高領或是領口有變化的上衣,再者,以有設計感的項鍊修飾領口部位,轉移在臉型上的注意力。另外,灰色與藍色總是可以和諧地搭配出具有質感的穿搭,所以也可利用色彩上的語彙添加知性的風情。最後,以大理石紋的厚底復古鞋款做細部的收尾;厚底的設計除了增加高度也保有了舒適度,效果令人喜愛。乾淨收編髮型配上簡單的彩妝,再抹上淡橘色的霧面唇膏,讓俐落的樣子與外套一氣呵成。如果想走運動風,那麼只要換上牛仔褲、休閒鞋就有流行跟風的效果了。

Biker Jacket

Many girls would like to dress and style themselves differently than others; somehow, if they try it too hard, they might get an opposite effect. Over time, it is no more fun to dress up. However, it is not difficult to develop a taste of styling through viewing street style photos or fashion magazines. Still, most of all, you have to know about your body shape. Besides, it is important to choose proper items that fit your personality.

I love shopping; now I do not purchase only for buying but essential things. I have rare casual winter jackets; actually, I had no one; was thinking to order one in this season. When I go shopping, I give it a wider range for choosing; thinking about how to style on many occasions. If I go for a “really casual jacket”, it would limit the range and be not playful with different styling ideas. This jacket looks casual from its material; however, the cut and design make it stands out. So even I could team the jacket with one pair of Oxford shoes. When an item can only style for a single style, then you must think about why you purchase it.

Some ideas for styling :

  • Its material is puffy, yes, it is the trend now, but which also means it covers your body shape. In this case, you better choose your buttons thoughtfully. If you have skinny and straight legs, feel free to wear skinny jeans; it is fine with heels, flats or ankle boots. However, if you have a body shape as I do, then one flare jeans is better to reform your shape.
  • The biker jacket is black; I wore one plaid shirt to give a bright touch and tried to let the look being lighter and easier. Alternatively, it is also fine to team with slim cut turtleneck sweaters.

I know people say, less is more; it is an easy concept; however, it is hard to realize and follow. Now, I keep this motto as my lifestyle spirit. Instead of quantity, I love to have quality. I save a budget for a higher quality item; the longer I look forward, the more I cherish. It might not be the best way, but definitely a smarter way.


我很喜歡購物,不過已經把過往單單為了滿足購物慾望的消費轉變成有需求才添購的理智行為。我衣櫃裡少有休閒款式的冬季外套,猶豫了幾個月才決定添加一件合適的單品。不過在挑選衣服時建議將設定的範圍擴大,全然休閒款式就真的只能穿的很休閒,那麼再搭配鞋子與包包時的選擇就會受限。這件Biker Jacket的材質很休閒,但是在剪裁與細部設計上卻又顯得別緻,所以儘管配上休閒式皮鞋也不違和,才不會造成穿上類似材質的外套時非得背後背包、套上運動鞋才合搭的窘境。


  • 這種容易在視覺上造成身型膨脹擴張的款式在挑選搭配下半身時就得留意。如果是雙腿較為筆直、纖瘦的女生可以考慮Skinny Jeans做出對比的誇張視覺效果,配上細跟鞋、鞋球或是踝靴都很合宜。如果是像我一樣比較正常、豐滿的體型,則適合以小喇叭褲穿出一雙長腿的好比例;如果配上尖頭鞋則帶有時尚感,配上圓頭型球鞋或是靴子就很有休閒的風格。
  • 外套裡的內搭選擇也不要忽略了。這件Biker Jacket剪裁較為寬鬆,便以格子衫帶出比較明亮的視覺感,減低沈重的印象。或者是以一件素面合身的套頭毛衣做搭配也可以有輕盈的好效果。


Classic Coat

I was looking for a classic yet simple blue coat for a long time. I wore more in black or other dark colors; since a while ago, I have also tried green or tan coats. This year, I finally found two favorite blue coats; one was ankle length, the other is the one in the photos. Now, you see my decision obviously. Furthermore, I would like to challenge to style a classic yet simple coat in a different way, adding a twisted touch.

Here are some points about styling :

  • When it is not too cold, a V-neck T-Shirt and one pair of jeans will be a perfect look for this coat. Otherwise, one turtleneck sweater or pullover will fit as well. When you choose a jacket style that is similar to the one I wore, it should be slim fit, especially on the shoulder line. Then, the clothes wearing inside must be thin, so not to change the shape of the coat.
  • Make sure the cuffs are not too long; that point helps you look taller.
  • A single-color-designed coat should have some beautiful details on it, so does this coat. There is a hidden feature behind its collar, a wool piece in gray. Thus, the hair style is also important, a side parting low ponytail just brings the collar out perfectly.
  • If you wish to wear this coat not in a usual way, then wear one pair of sporting shoes.

Well, we refreshed this coat into an unusual style.



  • 天氣沒有那麼冷的時候,可以內搭V領T-Shirt,就算只配上丹寧褲,只要乾淨簡單就容易顯得有型;如果天氣冷,那麼配上套頭毛衣一樣十分俐落。挑選這種經典款直筒型剪裁大衣,一定要選剛好合肩線的尺寸;許多時候擔心冬天穿多衣服,於是大衣買大兩號,穿起來鬆垮反而拉低了質感。既然外套剛好合身那麼內搭就得輕薄;Cashmere或是混羊毛的套頭毛衣會是冬天裡保暖的好選擇。
  • 如果大衣袖口過長,記得修改到合適的長度,以保有完美的身材比例。
  • 單一顏色大衣更得在設計細部上花心思,才顯有特色。這件衣領後方以深灰色銜接收尾,立起領來更顯巧思;這樣一來,頭髮的造型也很重要,大旁分低馬尾剛好可以襯托出深灰色的細膩。
  • 如果想要一改這件大衣經典保舊的印象,只要換上一雙球鞋就可以穿出不同的氣質,也很舒適呢。


I hope this article brings you some ideas about winter outdoor styling. Either you look for a new coat or to restyle your old ones, I wish you have fun and enjoy the winter as I do.


First Look :
Bomber > GANT Rugger
Accessory > Jian Hui Yan
Shoes > DressCode

Second Look :
Biker Jacket > GANT Rugger
Accessory > Jian Hui Yan

Third Look :
Blue Coat > GANT
Ear Ring > COR-DATE

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