2017 中華小姐環球大賽 Miss Cosmos Pageant Europe

My Affection For The Pageant

Beauty pageants were something desperately serious for some of us. We read all newspapers and magazines to know about the information of the ladies who had joined. Moreover, we looked forward to the TV show, discussed who was the most beautiful girl, who has the best body shape, who is the wisest girl among all contestants. It was a great influence on our generation about the aesthetics. All little girls tried to make postures front of the mirror; we pretended to host a pageant. Moreover, the shower time was the best moment to show our talent, singing. We all became elegant gentlewomen.

When I received the invitation to join 2017 Miss Cosmos Pageant that was hosted by PhoenixCNE, all childhood memories about pageants came back to my mind. (Wertheim Village and Ingolstadt Village are the biggest sponsors of the pageant in 2017.) I would like to share with you some thoughts after attending the event; moreover, the impression of the new generation ladies. I also filmed and edited a short video to show you the occasion.




收到鳳凰衛視歐洲台的邀請(法蘭克福購物村Wertheim Village以及慕尼黑購物村Ingolstadt Village為本屆環球大賽歐洲賽區最大贊助商),參加2017年在法蘭克福Offenbach舉辦的中華小姐環球大賽歐洲選區的決選盛會時,那段逐漸模糊卻精彩的幼時回憶也慢慢浮上腦海、津津有味。再回首,這段時間裡,我們的腰桿子軟了、脖頸也都垂了呀。


2017 Miss Cosmos Pageant Europe Video
About the Miss Cosmos Pageant

2017 is the 15th year of Miss Cosmos Pageant since 2003. Each year, ladies from five areas, Europe, America, Australia, South Asia and China join different local selections, and then the ultimate girls will go to China for the champion. This year (2017), there were more than 400 young girls applied for the Pageant in Europe Area; and only 12 ladies entered the Europe final contest.

During the cultivation, the girls got along with the group day and night. They showed not only their personality front of each other but also cameras and the judges. They learned how to handle the relationships and all situations; moreover, they grew the view. On the day of the Europe final, judges picked up the best photogenic award, the best friendship award and the best online popularity award; also, the top three for the final champion in China.


從2003年至今,中華小姐環球大賽已經舉行了第十五個年頭;從歐洲、美洲、澳大利亞、南亞洲以及中國本土五個地區所選出來的前三位優勝者,再參加總決賽競爭出全球中華小姐的總冠軍。 這次在歐洲選區初選中,一共有超過四百位海外華人女子報名,一路淘汰直至最後推上舞台的有十二位佳麗。


The New Generation Beauty Pageant

Before, we could only watch the pageants via TV shows or the broadcasts. We felt tense about the result. Now, through the internet, we watched the live video and received the newest updates. Moreover, the PhoenixCNE hosts led the audience into the backstage and showed us the scenes. The audience even could vote their best lady online.

By the way, I would like to introduce one of the hosts, Chuan Tian, who is the champion of 2010 Miss Cosmos. She comes from Harbin; some years later had studied Fashion Design in London. As her appearance, slim body shape and short hair style, her personality is also straight forward. Now, she serves as one of the hosts in the PhoenixCNE channel. Through the position, she develops good skills of speaking. She is not only a beautiful woman but also a wise lady that every woman would like to be.





The Principles

The last 12 ladies of the Europe Area are all born after 1990, which means they are young and live in a new generation. Some of them are born in Europe due to the family reason, some of them moved to Europe for study. They have not only beautiful appearance but also wisdom temperament. The quality and the appearance are both important criterions of the pageant. From those 12 girls, I realized that the organizer invested attention on this point.




Q & A Section

After the Halftime show, it was the tensest moment, the question and answer part. Through the Q & A process, we understood how each girl cares about current events or if she can present her opinion without tweaking. I appreciated how the organizer arranged the Q & A. They picked two girls randomly and let both answered a topic from the judge. After sharing their ideas, two sides had to debate and asked each other questions from the opponent’s opinion. The whole process showed the advantages and disadvantages of each girl about their spot response.

Some girls immediately impressed the judges. They knew how to express their thoughts, at the same time, asked questions wisely. Being modest is not necessary for the moment. That was an exciting section.




  • 寧願當大海中的小魚或是小河中的大魚(對應於職場中公司與職位的選擇)
  • 現今社會中,男人或是女人辛苦(社會對於男人女人各自的責任與義務的刻板印象)


2017 Miss Cosmos Pageant Europe Area
The Best Online Popularity Award
Yi-Tong Lee, 23 years old, 174cm, comes from France
李奕彤 23歲 174cm 法國
2017 Miss Cosmos Pageant Europe Area
The Best Friendship Award
Kang-Ni Lee, 23 years old, 168cm, comes from Germany
李康妮 23歲 168cm 德國
2017 Miss Cosmos Pageant Europe Area
The Best Photogenic Award
Jia-Yi Song, 25 years old, 174cm, comes from the UK
宋佳怡 25歲 174cm 英國
2017 Miss Cosmos Pageant Europe Area Top Three
1st Place : Jia-Yi Song, 25 years old, 174cm, comes from the UK (M)
2nd Place : Ting-Ting Wu, 23 years old, 181cm, comes from Germany (R)
3rd Place : Si-Yao Liang, 26 Years old, comes from France (L)
冠軍:宋佳宜 25歲 174cm 英國(中)
亞軍:吳婷婷 23歲 181cm 德國(右)
季軍:梁思瑤 26歲 169cm 法國(左)

Do we still have an absurd idea about Beauty Pageant that beautiful girls are not clever? From this occasion, I noticed PhoenixCNE proved to step forward on the one hand; on the contrary, they reminded us about the old-time elegance of ladies. Moreover, through the event, all young girls who took part of the process gained a valuable experience that can not be replaced.

Each girl or woman, we should know about ourselves, no matter the appearance or the personality; enjoy life and give the best to it. We all walk on the red carpet of our own.



I do not wear heels since years. For the momentous occasion, I styled myself in a mix and match way, a satin dress with one pair of casual shoes. Moreover, the fish net socks was a touch of icing on the cake.


Ingolstadt Village

Wertheim Village

Outfit - Mango Lace Top, Embroidered culottes and Loafers - Yes! Please Enjoy

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  • 我覺得一個女子最美的時候是當她努力為未來打拼,善良又勇敢的模樣!

  • 最美是獨立不自卑也不自傲, 能在自己的事業上或學業上認真努力負責受人尊敬,認真的女人最美

  • 覺得在各種情況下仍然能遊刃有餘地圓融沉穩面對事情的女人是最美麗的。

  • 一個女人最美的模樣是善良,更加分的,是擁有信念並且堅定的走下去。

  • 我認為一個女人最美是舉止自然,不矯揉造作,展現獨立自主的個性

  • 覺得處事大方、有夢想,且努力實踐的女人是最美的。

  • 我覺得一個女人最美的時候是,她專注和投入在一件自己喜愛的事,不管是在工作,興趣或是其他的事。

  • 覺得面對壓力還是能帶著自信的微笑 從容自在認真生活的女人最美

  • 能疼愛自己的女人就是美的。會疼愛自己的女人不會讓自己邋遢、不會委屈自己、懂得欣賞自己的優點不盲從別人世俗的眼光

  • 我覺得女人最美的時候,是認真投入並專注自信的時候。就算妝花了,服裝亂了,那種從內心散發出來的美麗,還是讓人忍不住由衷的讚嘆!

  • 女人對自己的生活感覺到舒心自在又有自信,以微笑和良善面對他人的時候最美! 🙂


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